Wednesday, December 3, 2014

AS seen on TV: Trying out the Kiss InstaWave

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Kiss InstaWave

Curls as Easy as Pressing a Button:

Kiss: InstaWaveIf you can push a button, you can curl your hair!  What?  Don't believe me, I promise it's true.  Even if you are beauty challenged or hair challenged, you can have beautiful curls with the Kiss InstaWave.

Some Facts about the InstaWave Curler:

  • Tangle-Free Curls at the Push of a Button
  • 2 Heat Settings: Highest Heat 420 degrees
  • Easy for ANYONE: any angle, any hand
  • Curl Dial: Spins 2 Directions: Left or Right
  • AUTO Shut-off:  Shuts itself off after 90 minutes
InstaWave: Curls at the push of a Button!

 Using the Kiss InstaWave Curler:

Results: Kiss InstaWave Delivers Gorgeous CurlsSo, I decided to get my new Kiss InstaWave Curler out for our family gathering this Thanksgiving!  What a better way to test it out then a special holiday occassion!

I have to say, this thing truly is easy to use and delivers gorgeous curls!  What's more amazing is watching this thing spin and grab up my hair slowly spinning it around and knowing that it's about to deliver insane curls, everytime!  I still have a bit of trouble learning the best way to get to the back of my hair, but that's not the device, but a USER issue.  It was much easier using this on the back of my head, then previous curling irons I've seen!

Love my Curls Courtesy of Kiss InstaWave

How to Use the Kiss InstaWave:

  • Hold the InstaWave vertical to your head
  • Use the arrow buttons (Curl Dial) to spin your direction of choice
  • Hold 5-10 seconds (I have extremely fine hair, so I use it like 15 seconds)
  • Pull down vertically (I also use the opposite Curl Dial to help release my hair
It truly is as easy as that...

TIP:  Alternate the Curl Dial between left and right to deliver more natural curls!
TIP:  I suggest starting towards the top of your hair so that it catches more hair.

See the InstaWave in Action:

Please Note:  KISS InstaWave Provided this for review.  However, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are truly my own!!

This was a BrandBacker Promotion.


  1. You look so cute in these photos. You really do have pretty hair and I love the way this added some bounce!

  2. Thanks so much!! That's so sweet! This really is an awesome curling iron!