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Abundant Harvest Review & GIVEAWAY

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Abundant Harvest:  For Teens & Adults

What it is...

Abundant Harvest is a conversational board game.  They have two types, one for Teens & Adults and one for "kids".  It's a board game that brings families together and helps with decision making.  It "creates" teachable moments for parents and their teens/ or kids...  

 The Game:

There will be more pictures than I normally include in my reviews, because I want folks to be able to get an idea of what this game is.

Abundant Harvest:  Teens & Adults Game
A look at what all comes in the Abundant Harvest:  Teens & Adults
Ok, so I really wanted to do this review.  You know some of my favorite memories growing up were of "family nights", night when we would get out the cards or games and sit together as a family and have game night.  It wasn't just us playing games, it was us spending time together as a family and laughing and having fun.  We were interacting, we did so much more than just play games..  It forced us to have to talk to each other.  Something this generation that's growing up lacks.

In a world that has gone digital and is all about technology, a lot of families are missing the core foundation that families are built on:  Communication.  I love this game, because it opens up the table for discussions.  And discussions that we seriuosly need to be having with our children. 

Abundant Harvest:  Principle Stands
Principal Stands:  Trust, Patience, Loyalty, Service, Courage, Honesty, Love, Work

Abundant Harvest:  Reward CardsAbundant Harvest:  Scenario Cards

The Game Pieces:

So, when you open your game, you will find:

  • Game Board
  • Principle Cards 
  • Principle Stands (The game pieces:  Has stickers to affix to the stands)
  • 1 dice / die
  • Scenario Cards:  5 Different Categories
  • Harvest Time Reward Cards
Abundant Harvest:  Principles Card
The Principles Card
So, each player picks a "Principle Stand".  Things like:  Loyalty, service, work, love, patience, courage and honesty...  (See above pic.)  Each player also recieves a "Principle" card, these cards are to be used throughout the game when making "choices" based on the scenarios that are picked. 

Scenario Cards:

Abundant Harvest:  Scenario CardsNext, you have your "Scenario" cards which come in five different categories...  When a player lands on a space they choose the "corresponding" Scenario card and read what it says and they have appx. 30 seconds to answer with one of the "Principles" from the aforementioned Principle card.  This is the "meat" of the game...  And these questions are "REAL LIFE" questions...  One even begs the question, your 16 and find out your pregnant... What do you do?  These are unfortunately, part of the life we lead..  Mistakes happen, and it's how we respond in real life to these scenarios.  This game gets you talking about these things and it's always best to be prepared and know how you would respond BEFORE a "Crisis" comes up.  It really helps to enstill values I think!  It makes you think about things and talk about things you might not otherwise think to talk about!
 There is an "accountant" and this person administeres the "Harvest Time Rewards" as well as ensure that the rules are being followed.  During the game the "accountant" uses their discrection on whether to extend the "Advice Time"....  This is where the game really is able to get a good "open discussion" going.  

During advice time, this is when after a player has chosen how they would respond in a situation, people can say what they would have done and "Critiques" or maybe a better word is "this might be a better way to handle that situation", type of thing....

Abundant Harvest:  Harvest PointsAbundant Harvest Scenario Cards

Abundant Harvest Board 1Abundant Harvest board 2

 In Conclusion:

I really and truly love this game.  As a Christian, I feel it's important to teach our kids values and have open discussions and this game definitely fosters an environment that's safe for our kids to freely express themselves and opens up an environment to disucss important issues with our kids and to help teach them to make good choices.

When my kids and I played this game the other day...  I truly think that they were amazed at how much they had enjoyed this game!  It got us all to talking about things and laughing and cutting up.  It was so nice to have some family time and to hear how they would do things in certain situations.  It made me realize that despite the fact that they are normal kids, I have been able to raise them with some morals and values.  It can be so hard nowadays with technology the way it is, they have so much they learn without our watchful eye over them, they are introduced to the adult world far too early these days!

This will be a game that will will be pulling out quite frequently!!  I am going to make it at the LEAST a monthly routine!


Love this game???  Harvest Time, the makers of Abundant Harvest are giving one lucky winner their own game!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the chance to win. I love that the games asks questions that is sometimes hard to bring up. It gives a chance to see what our teens would do or say in certain circumstances.

  2. Marie Kathryn CasalasproOctober 8, 2014 at 7:15 PM

    i like how it tests teens in different things without having to be in them

  3. I love that this game is a wholesome game geared towords teens! There are not too many of those out there!

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