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Dr. Song Rosehip Oil: Product Review

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Dr. Song Rosehip Oil

What it is....

100% Rosehip seed oil.  There are many uses to Rosehip oil, as I learned when doing another product review...  

Some of the benefits that I've discovered about Rosehip Oil:
  • Can aid in damaged skin from sun
  • Can reduce the appearance of scarring
  • Help with rough and dry skin
  • Aides in diminishing the signs of stretchmarks
  • Penetrates the skin to provide Nourishments
  • Promotes healthier Hair and Nails

My Thoughts:

I have seeen some improvements when using Rosehip oil to my own scars.  I had one really horrendous scar that I thought would never go away, and yet after using rosehip oil I truly did start to notice the scarring while not COMPLETELY gone, it has truly faded. I can now wear a concealer and can cover it up without anyone being the wiser that it's there!

I have also used it on some older stretchmarks and I really can't honestly tell much of a difference there, but that doesn't say much...  These are places that have already really started fading away on their own.  I "bloomed" quite young and so I developed stretch marks at a young age and thankfully they truly are just barely there now.

The Dr. Song rosehip oil, doesn't really have much of a scent at all.  So, that's a good thing for most people.  Most people prefer to have skincare that doesn't have a scent with it.  I guess some people may be sensitive to that type of thing. 

I have been using it on my hails and they appear to be a bit stronger and shinier.  I also have really rough patches and I can tell a HUGE difference when I use Rosehip Oil on the dry spots!  It isn't a "permenant" thing, but it is a temporary solution, at least for me!!

In Conclusion:

Rosehip Oil, from what I've seen truly does have some benefits.  If you suffer from dry skin problems, or have some scarring it's something I really do recommend you looking into.  I promise, I really had this scar on my face that diminished quite a good bit after using Rosehip oil!  I wish I had done before and after pics, but I was so ashamed of this scar that I didn't want a camera ANYWHERE near my face!  

I don't think that there's any one cream or serum that is a "Miracle" serum that's going to absolutely rid you of your scars or stretchmarks, but there are products that can help when used as directed.

As with most products, you need a full system and do it daily on a regular basis to see the benefits start to emerge.  Nothing is going to work if you don't put the work in to make it work!  My son who has been suffering from acne, was going on a date not long ago and came to me the night before and THEN wanted to start a treatment and he wanted it to all disappear OVERNIGHT...  Uh... Nope... Sorry, doesn't work like that. LOL  Now, had he been listening to me, and taken my advice a month ago, it probably would be under control and not quite so ummm HORRIBLE right now, but when your young if you can't see immediate effects or an immediate reaction you just want to give up.

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